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Title insurance is an optional insurance policy for homeowners. Most real estate experts recommend that you purchase it always, however. You may never need to make a title insurance claim.

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Last Updated 11/14/18. Title insurance can help provide the home buyer and/or the mortgage lender necessary protection against losses resulting from.

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Only owner's title insurance fully protects the buyer should a problem arise with the. Your lender will require you to purchase a lender's title insurance policy in .

Title insurance is a form of indemnity insurance predominantly found in the United States and Canada which insures against financial loss from defects in title to real property and from the invalidity or unenforceability of mortgage loans.

If you are taking out a mortgage to pay for a property, buying lender's title insurance is typically required. Purchasing owner's title insurance, which protects the.

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What is ‘Title Insurance’. Title insurance is indemnity insurance that protects the holder from financial loss sustained from defects in a title to a property. The most common type of title insurance is lender’s title insurance, which the borrower purchases only to protect the lender.

Title insurance companies are subject to the requirements of the laws of Oregon applicable to insurance companies generally and to the rules and regulations of a State Insurance Commissioner. Each is required to maintain a deposit with the State Treasurer of a required sum to secure liabilities under its policies.

U.S. real estate title insurance company First American Financial Corp. said on Friday it had learned of a design defect in one of its production applications that had made possible unauthorized.